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Over 200 world-class speakers and industry experts will meet in Liverpool on 8th - 10th December 2014 for the UKOUG Technology Conference and Exhibition.

At Tech14 you can learn the latest information on how to use Cloud, Mobile, Social and Analytics to get the best out of your current systems and successfully transition your organisation's future.

This week's Featured Speaker is...

Tim Hall

Tim Hall, Oracle Base

Tim Hall is an Oracle DBA/Developer and well known Oracle blogger at www.oracle-base.com. He has written two books and over 600 articles, is an Oracle ACE Director, OakTable member and has presented at numerous user groups and conferences worldwide, as well as a series of 2-day presentations as part of the "Oracle University Celebrity Series".

Tim will be presenting two sessions at Tech14. The first talk 'A Cure for Virtual Insanity: A Vendor-Neutral Introduction to Virtualization without the Hype' is about demystifying virtualization. Virtualization has been around for a long time and many companies make great use of it, but there still seems to be a lot of people who really don't understand what it actually does, what it's good for and more importantly, what it is terrible for. This sessions focusses on how virtualization can be used with your Oracle infrastructure, but it does not focus on any specific products or vendors, so the lessons from this can be applied to non-Oracle projects also.

The second talk 'Analytic Functions: The Oracle Developers Best Friend' is an introduction to Analytic Functions. These have been available since Oracle 8i and are a fantastic feature of SQL, but people still don't know they exist, or don't know how to use them. During this session Tim will try to ignore the documentation, which invariably overcomplicates and confuses people, and instead focus on a simple approach to using analytic functions, which will let people get their hands dirty and grow in confidence, so they can delve further into this functionality.

Have a look at last year's event to get an idea of what will be in store at Tech14.

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