Streams & Topics

Please note – The topics provided below are purely a guide as to what the Agenda Selection Committee would like to include on the agenda.

Business Analytics, Big Data and Data Warehousing
Operating Systems, Network , Engineered Systems and Storage

Big Data & Advanced Analytics

  • Analytics Architecture
  • Big Data Appliance
  • Data Discovery
  • For Applications
  • Hadoop
  • No SQL

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Business Analytics

  • Analytics for EPM
  • Analytics for Industry Applications
  • BI Applications
  • BI Foundations
  • BI Publisher
  • Cloud
  • Endeca
  • Endeca Extensions for Applications
  • Essbase
  • Exalytics
  • Methodology
  • Mobile BI

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Data Warehousing

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Architecture
  • DW Database
  • ETL
  • Exadata

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  • Database 12c New Features - This covers all new features introduced by Database 12c including Container/Pluggable Databases, In-Memory Database, Invisible Columns, Adaptive Query Optimization etc.
  • Cloud/Big Data - For talks centred on the Cloud or working with very large datasets.
  • Database Features and Options - This covers Oracle RDBMS topics such as Flashback, IOTs, RAT, SecureFiles, XML in the DB, Compression etc. that are not 12c only.
  • Exadata and ODA - Talks on Oracle's Exadata platforms, Oracle Data Appliance or other engineered systems or aspects specific to these solutions, such as Smart Scan
  • High Availability and Replication - Oracle RAC, Data Guard, GoldenGate, CDC, third party replication tools
  • Management and Administration - Oracle Enterprise Manager, backup and recovery, migrations, third party management tools, infrastructure management and team/project management.
  • MySQL - For talks centred on the MySQL database.
  • Security - For presentations on all aspects of security with Oracle technology, including Oracle Database Vault, security patching, auditing or access control.
  • Performance/Internals - Presentations on aspects of tuning, how the database works, the SQL optimizer, statistics gathering etc.
  • SQL and PL/SQL - Presentations on aspects of the SQL or PL/SQL languages.

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  • High Availability Architectures - This topic is all about HA! These presentations may be enterprise-wide platform design and build techniques, such as found in Oracle's Enterprise Deployment Guides, or perhaps around building highly available clusters of web servers coupled with WebLogic.
  • Identity Management - This topic covers Oracle's Identity and Access Management products - how best to use them, as well as their integration into the wider corporate environments, identity governance, and so on.
  • In-Memory Data Grids - Coherence, how best to use it, and its new features belong in this topic.
  • Integration Technologies - This topic is primarily about Oracle Data Integrator, though may include Oracle GoldenGate where relevant.
  • Management and Administration (Inc. EM) - Here are presentations around Oracle Enterprise Manager packs and approaches that are specific to Fusion Middleware. For example, the WebLogic or SOA Management Packs, or building out Middleware as a Service. More general subjects around production middleware administration may also be found here.
  • Security - Here you will find presentations around implementing security across products, with less of a focus on the Oracle IDM products. Examples might be TLS/SSL, end to end message security (e.g. WS-Security), security management, etc.
  • WebLogic - This topic is all about WebLogic - deployment, administration, tuning and clustering.
  • Web Tier - This topic is for presentations around the various Oracle web tier products, as well as third party ones such as Apache.

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  • Mobile - With more devices than there are people on the planet, mobile is a topic that is literally at everyone's fingertips. This stream looks to bring together sessions on web access to mobile device, native on-device iOS, Android, and hybrid frameworks as well as developing back-end services for mobile consumption.
  • Cloud - The stream for any aspect of developing bespoke Oracle-based applications with, and for, Oracle and non-Oracle Cloud-based services.
  • Java - This covers the broad spectrum of any aspect of developing Oracle-based bespoke applications using Java-based tools, technologies, frameworks and middleware, from Oracle or Third Parties, e.g. SOA, BPM, WebCenter, ADF or JDeveloper.
  • Database - Presentations on developing database-centric Oracle-based applications using modern and legacy Oracle and Third Party tools and technologies, e.g. SQL Developer, APEX
  • Architecture - This covers any aspect of architecture (enterprise, data, solutions, etc.) related to the development of bespoke Oracle-based applications. This also covers traditional terms such as Strategy, Analysis or Design.

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Operating Systems and Hardware

  • Hardware
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center (System Management)
  • Oracle Linux
  • Oracle Solaris
  • Oracle Solaris Cluster
  • Cloud

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Engineered Systems and Storage

  • Exadata
  • Exalogic
  • Exalytics
  • Oracle Database Appliance
  • SuperCluster
  • ZFS Storage Appliance (ZFSSA)
  • Cloud

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Virtualisation and Networking

  • LDOMs/Zones
  • OpenStack
  • Oracle SDN (Software Defined Network)
  • Oracle Virtual Machines (OVM)
  • Oracle Virtual Networking (OVN)
  • Cloud

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